The “Eats”

I mean “deets”… beets?

When I start a new adventure in the kitchen I like to keep a few things in mind.

“What will this fuel do for my body?”

I think this question is pertinent because the purpose of food is to fuel our bodies. I do my best to keep the things I cook “clean” and simple. Insert plug for ANY Michael Pollan book here!

“Will it taste good?”

This one is a no brainer! Food is great and all but if it’s inedible, what’s the point? With clean eating rules in mind, I do my best to create flavorful dishes that align with my beliefs. Again, read anything by Michael Pollan if you want to know more.


Current food INSPO

Chrissy Teigen: Aside from being gorgeous and having the most beautiful family, Chrissy Teigen is a foodie to the max. Her book “Cravings” does just that! One of my personal favorite dishes and probably the easiest recipe to follow for Cacio e Pepe, can be found here.

Michael Pollan: I love this man’s clean approach to food. His ideals and recipes are proof that good food can taste good and create the same experiences as classic (unclean) comforts.

Francis Malman: The ultimate outdoor chef. His rustic style is inspiring and his passion for food is contagious. If you haven’t checked out “Chef’s Table” on Netflix, I highly recommend it!